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Here are copies of ‘Darkness Falls' and ‘The Four Quadrants' to accompany your prize edition of ‘Regeneration'.

I have provided a copy of both books in three downloadable formats, .pdf, .mobi and .epub

Book 1 epub here

Book 1 mobi here [for Kindle]

Book 1 pdf here

Book 2 epub here

Book 2 mobi here [for Kindle]

Book 2 pdf here

I would really appreciate your reviews to help get some momentum for the stories.

You can leave your reviews via my author page:

I hope that you enjoy ‘Darkness Falls' and ‘The Four Quadrants' … there are many more twists and turns to come!

Best wishes, Paul Teague

Paul Teague

The Secret Bunker: Darkness Falls is now available in all formats.

The Secret Bunker: The Four Quadrants will be available in all formats from 12th February 2015.

The Secret Bunker: Regeneration will be available in all formats from 12th March 2015.

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